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June update

Hello all~ Hope you've been well. Progress is still slow and steady; a new job on my end has had me tied up for the past few weeks and likely will for a few more, hence the lack of updates. We're still looking for another cleaner and typesetter to help us along. The gaiden, second Cinderella Boy story, and the first chapter of Koori have all been translated and (mostly) proofread, with the first chapter of the gaiden and Koori having been cleaned. No experience is strictly necessary, but a willingness to learn's gotta be there and a good work ethic, since I don't have quite the amount of time that I used to. ^_^; Anyway, don't let me scare you off! If interested, feel free to apply!

April Update

Hello everyone! We're still looking for new staff, preferrably a typesetter, though a cleaner is also welcome. No new news other than that. :( Progress is slow but steady, so we'll get something released eventually, promise! ;_;

March update

No new chapters to release yet, unfortunately, but the sidebar has been updated with our future projects! Editors/typesetters are welcome to apply, and if anyone has access to Japanese raws of Koori volumes 2 and 3, let me know! Thanks!

Short update

Hello everybody!

Just a quick update to let you know we're alive and well. We've been making slow but steady progress on the Gaiden, but could use some more help in the form of cleaners/typsetters. Drop me a message or e-mail us if you're interested!

We're also still looking for Japanese scans of the second and third volumes of Koori, so if you can help us out let me know!

Whaaaat! 2 Years Already?!

Thanks for all the hard work!